The WLFA was orginally organized as the group that owned and operated the Pataskala Volunteer Fire department. This continued until the formation of the West licking Joint Fire District, which continues to protect  and serve the community to this day. The WLFA now operate to support the WLJFD in many different ways. Members of the WLFA include Firefighters, retired firefighters, and community members interested in supporting the District.

The WLFA raises funds through the annual Pataskala Street Fair, an event it has orginazed and sponsored for the past 70 years. The funds raised at the Street Fair are used to support the latest endeavor of the WLFA which is the creation of a Support Services Units for the District, County & surrounding counties and communities. These Units is something that will be used at a scene the Districts are at for a long period of time, i.e. large fires, hazmat scenes and training, to serve as a place for firfighters to replenish fluids and to recover for short periods of time.

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