Support Services Unit

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A special THANKS to Energy Coop and Operation Round Up




The Support Services Unit is the Associations newest endeavor.  This unit will be used at scenes of fires when asked for by the West Licking Joint Fire District.  The purpose is to bring refreshments and a place to recuperate to the firemen on the scene.  The SSU is in service, so come back and visit periodically and see how it is changing.  Also, look for it at the Street Fair, it is bound to make an appearance somewhere! Visit the Support Unit in Action page to see where it has been.

Rex working on converting the old medic into the new Support Services Unit.


The newly lettered Support Services Unit


Support Trailer Build


Support Trailer before!


Support Trailer during!


Support Trailer during!


Support Trailer After!!


Support Trailer After!!

For more information regarding the Support Services Unit, or for donations for its operation, click here.